Edgar Markov

I recently participated in a fundraiser for various children’s hospitals where we played games for 24 hours. During this marathon, I sat down and poorly attempted to pilot a friend’s commander deck. Having never played the commander format previously and having no clue what the point of the deck was, ┬áit wasn’t that enjoyable. Despite those drawbacks, I saw that it could be fun if I had my own deck to pilot.

I never had a want to get into the Commander/EDH format due to the long game play and multiplayer aspect. It reminded me too much of the old jank decks my friends and I would build back in the mid 90s, where we would sit down and play what is now considered “kitchen table” magic. During this time, it seemed everyone would gang up on me and it wasn’t that enjoyable.

So, I decided to start looking at Commander decks and decided to start with one of the existing precon 2017 Commander decks. Given the themes and tribes of the deck, Vampiric Bloodlust had the most potential as I had a lot of the cards to upgrade it already. And so it began.


I had all of the fetch/shock lands to upgrade the land base. Ixalan had just released a few weeks prior, which had a few good vampires to throw in. I basically had all of these cards just sitting in binders, so it seemed like an easy place to start.


The tribal interaction makes this deck a lot of fun to pilot, much like my Modern Elves deck. I’ve also run into a few interactions during game play that can be pretty brutal for your opponent. Unfortunately, it’s not often that I get a chance to play this in paper as opposed to online.

Have any tips/suggestions for the deck, leave me a comment!

Edgar Markov